Reminder Management
  Welcome to the Web's leading site for setting and managing all of your personal and professional events. Reminders and Goals Service - Remember birthdays is easy to use, plus we email you with reminders based on your own calendar.

Free Membership: Your Birthday-Reminders membership is absolutely free. Start now!

Entering Your Dates is Easy: Quickly enter them yourself or get help using our Birthday Requester which sends e-mails asking others to reply with their birthdays. Automatically, their birth dates will be added to your account. You can also import your contacts and dates from another calendar like Outlook. You can even create your own custom reminders and custom holidays.

Reminders and Suggestions: Reminders are sent by e-mail and cell phone. Cell phone reminders are brief text messages sent to your cell phone e-mail address. E-mail reminders include "smart suggestions" of paper greeting cards, free e-greetings and gifts appropriate for that special someone. Click here to see a sample e-mail reminder with suggestions. To fit your needs, you can easily change your reminder frequency settings.
How It Works
  Never forget the special occasions in your life like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.
  1. Start by registering
  2. Create reminder
  3. Receive Reminder
  4. Be Thoghtful
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