Integrating Information Technology with Change Management
In most technology projects, the project is considered a success if it’s delivered on time, on budget, and when it gets turned on, it works. That’s success. When you start your IT project will your employees still follow old processes and old procedures? Will individuals create their own processes and exploit “back doors”? If so, your project will not succeed.

Our IT and Change Management team will:
  • Assess and review the "as-is" state of your organization. How has your organization dealt with change in the past? How has new technology been accepted before?
  • Plan with you to launch the Change within your organization. Plans are tailored for different stakeholder groups who are affected by the change, depending on their needs, history and influence.
  • Implement and deploy the plans and monitor feedback. We identify and celebrate your success.
  • Sustain the change by looking at lessons learned – what worked and what didn’t – so that you will be better prepared to introduce and implement future changes.
Transformative Results
  • Provide you with a solid change management methodology and planning for higher success and adoption rates
  • Identify sustainable and forward-looking outcomes to help drive your future technology changes and projects.
Next Step

 One of the prime differentiators that separates market leaders from the rest is the amount of time IT spends running the business vs. transforming the business. It's time to capitalize on IT, not just pay for it. From aligning your IT with your business needs.